​Practice Dress
Approved practice dress is required at all classes, no exceptions:

  • black bike shorts or black shorts, black skorts (skirt/shorts combined), black ¾ pants (or in winter black tights).   
  • official black/orange polo shirt of the Adelaide Academy OR
  • singlets/tank tops or approved Irish dance merchandise tops (for OPEN dancers).
  • white sox and dance shoes are to be worn at all classes.
  • hair is to be tied up off faces.

         Polo Shirt                                                                                                               Team Jackets

Black team jackets are available for cooler weather.
Polo Shirts and Team Jackets are available in a variety of sizes, through the studio's costume store. 


Soft shoes and hard shoes are required for all competitions, displays and demonstrations.
For practice classes, we suggest the use of flexible dance sneakers.  By using these shoes it will save soft and hard shoes for competition/display use whilst also ensuring all dancers have footwear on at all classes.   The dance sneakers/practice shoes are priced at around $40-$50 a pair (available through the Studio or at feiseanna).

Second Hand Shop

Adelaide Academy offers second hand dance wear at very reasonable prices.
The second hand shop is managed by Mrs. Therese Lee and all items for sale and all requirements should be directed through her.   There may not be all sizes in stock at all times but Mrs. Lee will do her best to equip all dancers with their dress requirements at all times.
Items regularly in stock include white sox,  soft and hard shoes for Irish; ballet, tap and jazz shoes; school polo tops; leotards, wrap-round skirts; team jackets etc.
A deposit of $10 is required at the time of purchasing second hand shoes, clothing.
If you have any item to sell it can be sold on a consignment basis through the second hand shop.   Details are taken and recorded and when the item is sold then you are paid the money for the sale.     
Costume Hire

Many Irish dancers may need the loan of a costume for competition and display, if they do not have their own.  
All beginner Irish dancers must wear the school team costume for competitions.  
Dancers in more advanced grades may wear a school team costume or school-owned or second-hand dance dress.   
School team costumes are very valuable and are maintained by Mrs. Lee to a high standard, for a small hire fee.   In the past hire fees have been very hard to enforce, however, from 2016 this will be enforced as follows:-
School team costume - beginners for feiseanna/competitions - annual fee $20.00  
(A team costume will be allocated for use at every competition during the year).

The school will provide costumes for dancers who are representing the school at events such as Australia Day and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at no charge.

Celtic Tots, Celtic Kidz, Performing Arts
Celtic Tots - black leotard, black wrap skirt, pink ballet tights, or a ballet/fairy costume of your dancer’s choice.
Celtic Kidz - black leotard, black wrap skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, tap shoes, hair tied back off faces.
Under 10 and over 10 - black leotard, black wrap skirt, or dance shorts, ballet tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes and jazz shoes.    A school polo top is being planned for this group of dancers.
We are in the process of organising Black Polo Tops for these classes.    These will be available to order on line in the very near future.

Fancy Dress Costume Hire

We also have a large selection of fancy dress costumes for use by our dancers, including clowns, pirates, fairies, animals, nursery-rhyme characters, Disney characters etc.
Whilst there is no set hire charge for these, it would be appreciated if a donation be made to the Costume Account via Mrs. Lee.