About the Adelaide Academy

The Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing was established in 1966 by Margaret Atkinson.  It is one of the longest continuously running Irish Dance Schools in Australia. 

The school is a family school, with family ideals and objectives. For over 50 years it has offered Irish dance in a safe, nurturing environment, with unconditional support for dancers and their families alike and many hundreds of young girls and boys, and some not so young, have passed through the doors of the Adelaide Academy.    

We are proud of our Irish Heritage and an important objective of the school is to take our Irish culture to the wider community.  

One of the great benefits of Irish dancing is the social scene - the camaraderie between dancers and teachers; the life-long friendships, travel to competition - intrastate, interstate and international; the common bond of love of the dance, and the knowledge that so many people appreciate each performance.   

Performing Arts
The Performing Arts division of the school was formed in 2005. Now firmly established, Miss Bernadette Mamerow is in charge of the Performing Arts side. Celtic Tots caters for those dancers 3 to 5 years, Celtic Kidz are under 6, under 12 and over 12 dancers , and Performing Arts are dancers 10-15 years.
Senior Jazz and Senior Tap is offered to those 15 years upwards.



When at dance class or performing, the Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing and Performing Arts expects the highest standard of dress, behaviour, respect, work ethics and co-operation from its students.  

The Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing and Performing Arts encourages its dancers to share their talents with other inexperienced dancers;  to participate at different levels of dance and performance, to commit to classes and personal practice, to utilise time management, to develop cross-cultural skills and to embrace acceptance of the young, aged, sick and infirm and all those who make up “community”.

The Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing and Performing Arts will not tolerate bullying, bad sportsmanship, unacceptable behaviour, harassment or discrimination.

The Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing and Performing Arts expects all students and their families to show respect at all times for their teachers, their fellow dancers, parents and visitors. This code of behaviour extends to participation in feiseanna and dance competitions where other schools of dance and teachers are present.