Congratulations to all our dancers who competed at the Roberts Feis. Although we did not have a large entry, all dancers performed well and were presented beautifully.
Faye Spillane - 5th Beginners under 8 Single Jig, 2nd Primary under 8 light jig, 1st Beginners under 8 slip jig,  1st in Primary under 8 Trophy Reel (GRADED),  1st in Beginners Treble Jig
Makayla Atkinson La-Starza – Equal 5th in Beginners under 8 Trophy Reel
Ava Spillane-  3rd in Elementary under 12 slip jig
Evelyn Vincin Walker –  1st in Open under 15 hardshoe, 5th in open under 15 reel,  4th in 12 years Premiership, 
Mackensie Kalleske – 3rd in Elementary under 18 slip jig; 3rd in intermediate under 15 slip jig; 3rd intermediate under 15 traditional set dance.
Sarah Ford – Highly commended elementary under 18 soft shoe
Bethany Ringvall –  1st in Intermediate under20 soft shoe, 3rd in 15 years Premiership
Rachel Routledge – 4th in 16 years Premiership
Emma McCormack – 1st in 20-21 years Premiership

Alanna Matthews - 1st Novice under 11 reel
Ruby Cobiac - 1st Novice under 13 Reel; 4th Beginners under 13 Light Jig, 4th Beginners under 13 Special Event Reel;
Alina Dinan - 1st Beginners under 13 single jig (GRADED); 3rd Beginners under 13 light jig; 2nd Beginners under 13 slip jig; 4th Beginners under 13 Treble Jig,
                        3rd Primary under 13 Light Jig;
Peter Dinan - 3rd Beginners under 7 light jig, 2nd Beginners under 7 Treble Jig; 1st Beginners under 7 reel special event (GRADED);  1st Primary under 7 Reel;
Erica McLachlan - 3rd Beginners under 9 light jig; 2ND  Beginners under 9 Special Event Reel;  4th Primary under 9 Single Jig
Imogen Axon - 5th Beginners under 11 Light Jig; 2nd Beginners under 11 Slip Jig;4th Beginners under 11 Treble Jig; 1st Beginners Special Event Reel under 11 (GRADED)
Faye Spillane - 3rd Beginners under 9 Slip Jig; 2nd Beginners under 9 Treble Jig; 5th Primary under 9 Single Jig; 4th Primary under 9 Light Jig,
Sophie Dinan - 2nd Beginners under 12 Treble Jig; 2nd Beginners Special Event under 13 Reel;  3rd Primary under 13 Reel; 4th Primary under 13 Light Jig;
Tara Keogh - Highly commended Beginners under 7 reel special event
Makayla Atkinson La-Starza - Highly commended Primary under 9 reel
Ava Spillane - 2nd Primary under 11 Reel; 3rd Primary under 11 Light Jig; 4th Primary under 11 Special Event Trad. Set
Charles Robbins - 2nd Primary under 13 reel; 3rd Primary under 13 treble jig;  4th Primary under 13 Special Event Trad Set; 3rd Elementary under 13 Reel
Lara Gleeson - 1st Primary under 13 Single Jig;  1ST Primary under 13 Light Jig, GRADED , [1st Primary under 13 Special Event Trad. Set; GRADED 
                           1st Elementary under 13 Traditional Set; 1st Intermediate under 13 Reel
Niamh Keogh - Highly commended Primary under 11 Special Event Trad. Set.; 2nd Elementary under 13 Slip Jig;  2nd Elementary under 13 Slip Jig
Emma Samson - 4th Open under 18 Reel; 3rd Open under 18 Hornpipe
Jessica Cathcart - 2nd Open over 18 reel; 4th Open over 18 hornpipe; 1st Open over 18 Set dance
Lucy McCormack - 3rd Open over 18 reel; Equal 1st Open over 18 hornpipe
Emma McCormack - 2nd Open over 18 slip jig; 1st Open over 18 Treble Jig; 3rd Open over 18 set dance
Rachel Rutledge - Highly commended Open under 18 Treble Jig
Kate McCormack - Highly commended Open over 18 Treble Jig

Roberts Academy Feis – 29th and 30th April – St. Gabriels –
​Adjudicator: Mrs. Mary Grantham ADCRG, Melbourne.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AIDA APRIL FEIS 1st April 2017 – ADJUDICATOR: Mrs Elizabeth Lewis SDCRG.

KEY   B – Beginners     P – Primary    E – Elementary     I – Intermediate     O – Open     HC – Highly commended     SE – Special Event    Trad  Traditional set     TR – Treble Reel




The Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing and Performing Arts encourages its dancers to share their talents, to develop cross-cultural skills  and to embrace acceptance of the young, aged, sick and infirm and all those who make up “community”.

The school is a family school, with family ideals and objectives. Recently celebrating a milestone of 50 years of continuous operation in South Australia, the Adelaide Academy of Irish dancing offers a nurturing environment, with unconditional support for dancers and their families alike and many hundreds of young girls and boys, and some not so young, have passed through the doors of the Adelaide Academy. Some of these have gone on to become qualified teachers and adjudicators in their own right, others have remained very dear friends, for some we are now teaching their children or grandchildren. We are proud of our Irish Heritage and an important objective of the School is to take our Irish Culture to the wider community. We do this by giving of our time to perform at  nursing homes; retirement villages; schools; pre-school centres; corporate functions; and cultural events. Our busiest time is St. Patrick’s Day where sometimes up to 5 or 6 groups of dancers, with parents in tow, travel off in different directions to bring this great celebration to many.  

If you are interested in booking a group to demonstrate Irish Dancing in your community, please call 0425 028 203.